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Provably Fair

How does it work? uses a provably fair method, that doesn't allow us to manipulate the outcome once the game is started, below you can see how the hash is calculated. For crash note that multiplier is missing decimal places - to get the "real" multiplier, divide it by 100.

                var hash = 'f08792e8719adabd88ae42618380a3827bfac3747ad3a9f39fbbdb68d6452817';
                var crash = 286;
                var secret = 'lzdUFlMwQKtyaEno5XYD';
                var shaObj = new jsSHA("SHA-256", "TEXT");
                    shaObj.setHMACKey(secret, "TEXT");
                    shaObj.update((crash / 100).toFixed(2).toString());
                if (hash === shaObj.getHMAC("HEX")) {
                  console.log('Hash match!');
                } else {
                  console.log('Hash doesn\'t match!');
Roulette / Dice:
                 var hash = 'b98313c321867bd62ce5090cdc5b1cd1ed9f50f362dc10fab0702735d8222912';
                 var roll = 12;
                 var secret = '1517cfda';
                 var shaObj = new jsSHA("SHA-256", "TEXT");
                     shaObj.setHMACKey(secret, "TEXT");
                 if (hash === shaObj.getHMAC("HEX")) {
                   console.log('Hash match!');
                 } else {
                   console.log('Hash doesn\'t match!');

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Brains worth?

1000 Brains = $1 (Brains are virtual currency and have no real-life value)

How do I deposit skins for Brains?

To deposit, head over to your Account page. Make sure your trade URL is properly set. Once you’ve done that, go to the Deposit page, select up to 20 items and then click the Deposit button.

Keep in mind that some low-value or low-popularity items are not depositable.

Why are some of my items missing from the deposit page?

You might need to refresh your inventory by clicking the “Refresh” button on the top right of the Deposit site.

How do I withdraw my Brains to skins?

Go to the Withdraw page, select up to 20 items and then click the Withdraw button.

If you decline a trade offer, Brains will be credited back to your account immediately.

Why can’t I withdraw?

To be able to withdraw you need to deposit $5 (5000 Brains).

Can I use as a trading website?

Please note that it's prohibited to use this site as an exchange service! Abusers might be banned.

What is a Crash house odds?

There is a 5% chance that the game will crash at 1.00 with all users losing.

You can calculate Your chance of winning using this formula:

  • (1-1/x)-5%
  • With x being the multiplier you want to cash-out on.

How can I send Brains to another user?

You can send Brains to another user in the chat using the command: /send SteamID Amount

What's the minimum/maximum I can bet per round?

Minimum: 10 Brains, maximum: 100000 Brains

What are the rules for using chat?

  • 1. No excessive spam, swearing or use of capital letters
  • 2. No asking/begging for Brains
  • 3. No referral codes in your username
  • 4. One "prediction" per roll
  • 5. Don't sell "predictions"
  • 6. Please use English in chat
  • 7. No promoting of other sites